Warden Master

Warden Master

Controls is mouse and keyboard. Place towers with the mouse, or shoot with the cursor. Press 'space' to spawn between lethal and non-lethal mode.
Take charge of and secure the perimeter a prison in a near-future world where all the prisons are strangely full. Complete your task with distinction and be rewarded with promotion, fail your country in this responsibility then join the prison your charged with guarding. Choose between a lethal and non-lethal enforcement.

Daniel Waine & Lewis Thomson
Created with ImpactJS

I worked on entity behaviour, the particle system, ranking, incorporating level editor and game objects, dynamic spawning, targeting general graphics.

We would like to thank the following for art assets and plugins used in this project,

Dominic Szablewski who made Impactjs used as the framework of this game,
Joncom who made the text input plugin used,
Knittel for the blood graphics used,
Andreas aka Hurik who created the A* and Vec2 plugins for Impactjs

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