Lost in a hostile wilderness with only your own skills and your good fortune to rely on. Odds of survival are bleak! Chances are you won't be going to work tomorrow! Scavenge for food, avoid hostile creatures and search the horizon for any hope of rescue - don't lose your path! Keyboard controls: MOVE use " w, a, s, d " or cursor keys ATTACK use " enter " or " space " Hints!: food can be found under rocks so remember your attack! It's a wide world out there, push your boundaries. Don't give up just because there's something in your way
This is an HTML 5 project that I have been working on. Built after attending a Microsoft day class on HTML 5. This makes use of createjs, so many thanks to Grant Skinner. A top down view of an everyday office worker striving to survive after finding themselves lost in a hostile wilderness with no food, no water and no way out! This supports either keyboard or touch input. Sprite graphics, particles and persistent procedural generation.

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